Mentoring Sessions

I have found that over the past two years of shooting, there are so many things that I know now, that I wish I had known when I was starting out. Everyone has done it- hit that same wall. I would get stuck over and over again, and the biggest thing to push me through those unavoidable divots was being inspired through other photographers.

Whether it was through workshops, answering my endless questions, or just knowing that the artists who inspired me the most have been through the same stages, it was what helped me continuously push myself.

I believe in community over competition, so I don’t ever hold back sharing any “secrets.”
I want to help you get that extra push, fill that divot, and get you back on the road to creating amazing images.


Skype Session

I offer 1.5+ hour sessions where we can talk about anything and everything. We can cover business talk, editing and post processing, pricing, equipment, wedding day workflow, getting clients comfortable, and more in the comfort of your own home!

These sessions are $200, and additional time add ons are an option. I’m an open book so if you have any questions about what I can help you with during our skype session, feel free to ask!

One on One

These sessions are in person and styled so that we cover everything I can teach in a half day. We will start off with a couple of hours of Q and A, going over questions you’ve prepped for me to teach you everything I know on, site strategies, your pricing, etc. Then we’ll go out together and do a styled shoot that I arrange so that we can shoot together while I teach and show you how I get couples comfortable, get them to relax and interact, and how I use any type of light. After that, we will edit together using your photos and whatever editing platforms/presets you’d like so that you can get as much out of it as possible. We will top the day off with a portfolio critique and probably killer coffee.

These sessions are $500 and will take place in Nashville/Dickson (whichever city you're closest to) where I’m based and last 5ish hours. Additional time add ons are an option. Shoot me an email and we can plan out our one on one day together!